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Welcome To GRRMF
Come join us in our mission to rescue and re-home Golden Retrievers.





Featured Goldens
We wanted to share a few cute little faces with you.

These lucky 12-week-old golden mixed puppies have been fun for all who have met them and spoiled them with lots of hugs and pats. Although they were spoken for within a few short weeks, we thought you might like to see their latest photos.

In the next few weeks we will have more young pups coming our way ranging in age from 4 months to 1.5 years like 9-month-old Ellie who is currently listed on our adoption page. All will need approved adopters who are up for the challenges and responsibilities of adopting a young dog.

If you do not have an approved application on file with us, now is the time to apply by going to our How to Adopt page. Please allow our volunteers time to complete the full adoption process. We will be working as quickly as possible to advance your application through each step. If you have an approved application on file with us and are interested, contact your adoption coordinator or email

Thank you for your support and opening your hearts and home to a GRRMF rescue!

Lucy on her way home with brogher Rex

Update 9/28 - Lucy on her way home with her BIG brother Rex.
Congratulations to to the whole family. May they have many happy years together!

Ricky and Jamie will be forever brothers having been adopted together!

Update 9/29 - Ricky and Jamie were adopted together!
Congratulations to to the whole family. May they have many happy years together!


Visit our Available Goldens adoption page for additional golden retrievers looking for their new home.

If you can't adopt at this time, please consider making a donation in support of these loving goldens while they wait for their special family.





The Foster Home Experience
We are looking for a few good homes. Is yours the one we are looking for?

We place each golden in foster care for the best possible environment while awaiting their new family.

Our Process:

Our talented volunteers have created a successful, coordinated system that helps get our goldens through the intake process and ready for foster care and assessment as quickly as possible for the safety and comfort of the dog.

Our Goal:

We would like to have enough foster homes ready to accept waiting goldens as quickly as possible. The sooner a golden reaches a foster home and final assessment, the sooner they are ready for their forever family.

How You Can Help:

You can supply the missing ingredient to our recipe for success by becoming a foster home. Help save a 4-legged, furry life!



1. Is it Easy?
    Easy = nothing and has no reward.
    Fostering is the single reward that fills multiple hearts at once – the golden, the adopting family and yours!

2. Will I fall in love with my foster?
    Yes. Goldens are notorious heart stealers.

3. Will it be hard to let go of my foster?
    Yes. Concentrate and revel in the joy the new family feels and you’ll be OK.
    Besides, we have found that once a family has one of our goldens it’s hard to stay away from us so you’ll usually be reunited with your
    foster at one of our events or our annual reunion picnic.

4. Is fostering really for me?
    Imagine yourself years from now; you’re going through your family album of pictures with a friend.
    Page after page you point lovingly to each picture and tell the story with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart.
    Will your friend understand how full your heart really is as you go through your album of fostered golden retrievers?

Do you have the heart to save a life then let it go to live to its fullest?
(And don't forget the patience and strong constitution to live through those few fosters that seem to hang from the chandelier 24/7 and deliver unmentionable items at the most inopportune time! You will turn them over to their new family with joy in your heart!)


We look forward to adding you to our amazing team of foster families.

Here are some of the areas we cover that are in need of foster homes:
Winter Park – Oviedo – Orlando – Melbourne
Wesley Chapel – Sarasota - Tampa – St. Petersburg




Goldie, Our Medical Boy
A golden boy displays a gentle heart even while going through hard medical times.


Although still under much needed medical care, Goldie is making progress under the watchful eye of his foster family.

Goldie Mason 3134 resting on his bed with a cone around his neck. Goldie Mason 3134 lying by the side of the house in his back yard with his stuffed toy squirrel while alertly watching all the activity around him.

Age: 8 years    Gender: Male    Breed: Golden Retriever    Weight: 49 lb.

Goldie needs your help!

Pemphigus Foliaceus is such an unkind sounding disease for such a sweet, baby-faced boy. Goldie was recently stricken with this autoimmune disease and has had to endure extensive medical testing and treatment.

This little fellow has improved enough to move from medical facility into foster care and his progress has been steady and wonderful to see. He has come a long way and will still need additional time to heal but we are happy with his progress and know he will continue improving under vet supervision and the love and care in his wonderful foster home.

Check out Goldie's story, pictures and progress report.

Goldie will continue to receive much needed medical care and you can join in on his recovery.
Let's help get this little fellow healed and ready to find his very own forever loving family!

You can make a difference!
Become part of Goldie's medical care team!




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